About Us

Supertix.com has been providing fans with sporting, theater and concert tickets for over 19 years. We understand the importance of your game or event, so we will put you in the best possible seats for the best possible price. Our goal is to give our customers the most satisfying ticket experience on the market. By using Supertix.com, you can be sure you are purchasing your tickets from a safe and trusted source. Call us today to learn more!

Supertix. com is a proud member of NATB.
It is the mission of the National Association of Ticket Brokers to:

(i) promote the highest standards of conduct among ticket brokers involved in the resale of event admission tickets

(ii) ensure that consumers and professional ticket brokers have the right and freedom to buy and sell tickets in a secondary marketplace governed by free market principles, not restrictive and counter-productive laws, rules and regulations

(iii) facilitate consumer protection in the secondary ticket market

(iv) assure that consumer interactions with NATB Members are conducted with integrity, reliability and convenience 

(v) educate the public concerning the secondary ticket market and ticket-brokering services